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Our PC-based expandable PBX has the ability to integrate with multifunction platforms for a comprehensive communications system.

The system combines the functionality of a high-end telephone switch with standard clock, intercom, and program distribution features.

CVS Features

  • Paging
  • Intercom
  • Program distribution
  • Clock synchronization/correction
  • Tone signalling are an integral part of this system

In addition, the CVS offers expanded capabilities such as:

  • Homework Help Line,
  • Automatic Parent Notification,
  • Urgent Call
  • Enhanced 911
  • Student Phone

Developed specifically to meet the needs of educational facilities, the CVS system links each classroom to the media center, enabling teachers to incorporate valuable media resources such as VCRs and DVD players into their daily lesson plans.
Benefits of the CVS System

CVS will improve parent/teacher and teacher/administrative communications, reduce staff workload, and enhance school security. In doing so, the CVS provides solutions to a broad spectrum of educational needs and equips the school with a host of new capabilities.