In 1994 our President, Mr. Avtar Chahal decided to capitalize his many years of experience in the technological sector and create West Sun Communications under his philosophy of providing unparalleled quality solutions at the best possible cost to his customers without compromising quality or service. He successfully built a team of tech savvy engineers who shared his passion for detail and quality work. This passion has allowed West Sun Communications to become and remain a respected market leader in the low voltage system design, installation and service. His leadership and vision is behind the consistent growth and success of our company.

Since 1994, Westsun Communication's Team of seasoned professionals have served hundreds satisfied clients, filling the needs of small and large clients alike.


Health care: Retirement Communities; Independent & Assisted Living; Long Term Care; Clinics; Hospitals.

Educational: Elementary and High Schools; College Campuses; Administration Buildings; Entire Districts; School Boards.

Commercial: Warehouses; Factories; Industrial Complexes; Retail; Offices; Correctional Facilities, etc.

Solutions at your fingertips: In this day and age, there is way too much information out there. At West Sun, we aim at making your decision making process as effortless as possible by consulting with our clients and becoming their trusted advisors. We believe in effective and timely, cost effective solutions that fit your technological needs and believe in always staying ahead of the curve in the needs of our clients.
For the past 20 years, the West Sun Communication's Team of seasoned professionals has served over hundreds of satisfied clients, and are well poised to handle any size project.

Staying ahead of the curve: West Sun Communications goes beyond just designing the a system for you. Our team of engineers and analysts are up to date as to all legal and safety standards.
We think ahead, ensuring that what you invest in today will not have to be updated on changed for many years to come.

Our approach:Our approach is clear and concise. We determine where a client stands today, establish where they want to be tomorrow, and then strategically map out how to get there in a 3 step process.
1) Take a Snapshot of TODAY: Determine where the client is, by technical inventory, or by way of goals and/or a business plan.
2) Figure out TOMORROW: Where do they want to be down the road, next year, next decade.
3) Define the Strategic Road Map of how to get there, with the use of Technology, Human Resource, and Professional Expertise.

Our reputation:When a client engages Westsun Communications, they can expect the highest possible standard of quality. Excellence at every turn, in every relationship, in each step of the process, in our workmanship, in the details, in all that we sell and service. That is why we have an impeccable reputation without blemish at the Better Business Bureau, and with hundreds of satisfied clients. We aim at exceeding expectations.